Nutritional Health Assessment

The Nutritional Health Assessment is designed to provide all the information needed to accurately determine your level of nutritional balance.  With your samples of blood, urine and saliva and your symptom history, we are able to evaluate your nutritional status and the direction it is heading. This health assessment not only gives us immeasurable points of reference in order to start and monitor your progress, it allows us to begin educating you in the process of becoming healthier.  This process will take up to one hour and requires you to bring a sample of your urine (first morning void).  It is also necessary to fast for at least twelve hours before your appointment. You will spend most of your time with the doctor who will answer your nutritional questions, explain what is going on in your body and formulate your new plan for ultimate health.  Call today to get started on your way back to better health!

A general survey of symptomatology.

Cholesterol Testing
Measures the total HDL plus LDL, HDL/LDL ratio, triglycerides and glucose.  Cholesterol is needed for proper hormone, enzyme and antibody production.  Too much cholesterol is implicated in heart disease and is a sign of a congested liver.

Live Cell Analysis
A microscope is used to observe living cells and up to 31 different indicators to help us determine your nutritional needs.

Indican Test
A measurement of the efficiency of protein digestion and levels of bowel toxicity.

Calcium Analysis
A measure of the amount of calcium excreted in the urine, yielding information about calcium deficiency or excessive leaching of calcium from body tissue.

pH Test
Using your saliva and/or urine, we measure the alkaline/acid balance of body fluids.

Body Mass Index
A measure of your body’s composition and the relative amount of fat to lean mass.

Adrenal Stress Assessment
Blood pressure is taken both seated and standing, looking for a difference between readings.  The more the blood pressure drops in the standing position, the more adrenal stress the patient is under.     

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